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Join us online for 12 weeks

January 9 - March 27, 2019


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It's your time,

Traditional business advice isn't built for empathic people like you and me. If you're anything like me then you are wondering,

"Can I be my most authentic self, actually help people and make money?"

People find this course for many reasons but of all the ones I hear, what every student tells me is how ready they are to trust themselves and be seen in their work. 

The 12-week online course is the foundation for this.

I used to conduct business like I was told to, with my heart in a box, but I was miserable. For the past three years I've been a multi 6-figure practitioner by being authentically me. 

By connecting with your original medicine you can help those who need you in the way only you are built to serve. Scroll for all the details...


Are you a service-practitioner?

Are Your ideal clients not hiring you?

Are you Pedaling in your business only to hear...crickets?

Then this class is just for you...

McKenzie Zajonc
If you’re lucky to do the inner work that transforms the outer work, Awaken Your Practice is for you! This is for someone who knows their business is personal to them but can’t stand the disconnected advice out there today.
— McKenzie Zajonc,

Payment Options

Choose the 6-payment plan if you’d like to pay in bite-sized chunks or pay in full and save 20%!



1. Read your welcome packet and fill in your New Student Reflection so I can best guide you during our time together.
2. Get your gorgeous workbook in your mailbox and a welcome note from me.
3. Join our first class on January 9, 2019.


12 live classes

Every week, join a LIVE 60-minute webinar and follow along with your workbook.

We meet Wednesdays from 3-4pm PST.


WEEK 1 - Jan 9

Empath Entrepreneurs & our role in business

How we do business isn't like anyone else. We aren't selling 'widgets', we are activating our purpose and answering a deep seeded calling. A call we feel immeasurably responsible for. Business is a beautiful carrier for our purpose because it means we get to do our work everyday, without compromise. But this also means we have to 'own' the business part of ourselves. I'll show you how!

WEEK 2 - Jan 16

Roots to Fruits 

As an empath you understand there is more to life than meets the eye - we are intuitive beings and souls expressing ourselves into the physical world. What if your business were no different? What if you could plant the roots for success that guaranteed ease in your business? What if you could move any resistance out of the way and allow your business to flow? 

WEEK 3 - Jan 23

Limiting Beliefs & Stories

We are only as successful as our story about success allows us to be. Limiting beliefs are those storylines that tell us, essentially, that we aren't good enough. These beliefs aren't the problem but the fact that we believe them. Let's untangle these and get to their root so you can cultivate beliefs that serve your bigger purpose and support the whole self.

Week 4 - Jan 30

Trusting your Intuitive Gifts & 30-minute Q&A Session

Your intuition is your greatest asset. Not just in how you show up and serve people but in your business. You are already connected to a part of yourself that has your best interest at heart. Letting your business be guided by your intuition is the easiest part but it requires you get out of its way and listen. 

Week 5 - Feb 6

Radical Generosity & authentic Marketing

My business grows in proportion to how much I give. Generosity is a divine law of the universe and it is not about "giving and receiving" because that puts us into a game of give and take. Instead, what if you could give without any attachment to the outcome? How liberating would this be to the part of you that is built for service?

Week 6 - Feb 13

Co-Creating with the Universe

The number one question I get asked from new service-entrepreneurs is this - How will I...? How will I make money, how will I find clients, how will I grow my business? I will fill you in on a huge secret, the "how" is none of our business. Our sole responsibility is to the "who" and the "why", the rest is in the hands if the universe. 

Week 7 - Feb 20

Energy and Managing your Resources

We all have the same three resources - time, energy, and money. Managing your resources isn't about balancing your tine or even being productive. It is about taking care if yourself, listening to your body, and giving plenty of space for your ideas to unfold. As an empath its easy to get drained. Learn why we don't want to cover up your gifts but rather clear the way so your energy can move on through with ease.

Week 8 - Feb 27

Boundaries in Business & 30-minute Q&A Session

Running a business and being an intuitive is like having the "open sign" always lit up. Learn how to set boundaries that keep you from getting too drained and also empower your clients and customers to take responsibility for their experience as well as their results. You are allowed to say no, not give discounts, and hold yourself accountable to your value.

Week 9 - Mar 6

Healing your Money Stories & earning abundance

I can't think of more important work as a service-driven entrepreneur than healing your money stories. Before you can make and keep money you have to be congruent with money. How do you feel about money? Can you be spiritual and wealthy? Can you stay true to your purpose and be wealthy? We'll explore these themes and help you clear what no longer fits.

Week 10 - Mar 13

Sales with Heart

A sales conversation is one of the most sacred parts of your business because it's the moment you ask someone to step in and do this work with you. It's the conversation most heart-driven entrepreneurs step away from and I believe it's where we are built to step in even more. We are built for opening relationships with our clients and it begins here.

Week 11 - Mar 20

Setting Goals 

We don't set goals in the beginning because there's too many limiting beliefs clouding your dreams at first. By the end of this course you will set goals from your higher self, the part of you who knows your worth, your gifts, and your true goal for your business. 

Week 12 - Mar 27

Letting Go & trusting your path & 30-minute Q&A Session

In the end, the hardest part is letting go and trusting that everything will unfold just as it's meant to. Ultimately we have no control over what happens. The practice of surrender could not be more needed than in business. Learn how to let go even while holding your dreams and goals for your business in clear focus.


Payment Options

Choose the 6-payment plan if you’d like to pay in bite-sized chunks or pay in full and save 20%!

What happens when I enroll?


1. Read your welcome packet and fill in your New Student Reflection so I can best guide you during our time together.
2. Get your gorgeous workbook in your mailbox and a welcome note from me.
3. Join our first class on January 9, 2019


I came feeling isolated in my process and craving concrete support. If you’re craving a mix of inner and outer work relating to their life and business, this is for you.
— Anya Hankin,

The workbook

Awaken Your Practice

you'll write, plan, and dream your way through the 250-page Awaken Your Practice book.

Included are over 60 articles and exercises to help expand your thinking and grow your business. I'll walk you through every step of the way.


chapter one: Being

  • Setting the stage for your success

  • Answering your calling

  • Fear of failure

  • Understanding your soul path

  • Congruency

  • Roots to Fruits

  • Stories and limiting beliefs

  • Wound-ology

  • Radical Acceptance

  • Self-worth and self-love

  • Loving what is

  • Trust, faith, and your intuitive gifts

  • When to use your intuition

  • Co-creation with the universe

  • Your right to success

chapter two: Doing

  • Taking soulful action

  • Your purpose lane

  • Values and finding your true north

  • Freedom schedule

  • Rituals and routines

  • Cycles and rhythms of business

  • Energetic self-care

  • De-loading

  • Boundaries

  • Goal setting and vision boards

  • Flow vs. force

  • Authentic action taking

  • Radical generosity and authentic marketing

  • Competition vs. collaboration

  • Soulful selling

  • Calling your dreams in

  • Letting joy be your compass

chapter three: Having

  • Being a powerful manifestor

  • Having plenty

  • Spirituality of money

  • Power

  • Results are feedback

  • Fulfillment

  • Surrender and letting go



My question on day one was, “Do I have permission to be my true, authentic, creative self and have a thriving business?” I left this program knowing the answer - YES. I. CAN. This program taps into the core of who you are. I can’t recommend it enough!
— Chrissy Marquardt,
Chrissy Marquardt

What's included in the 12 weeks?


> TWELVE LIVE 60-minute Awaken Your Practice Modules - each week you'll join a LIVE webinar. Our next course runs from January 9 - March 27, 2019. We meet Wednesdays from 3-4pm PDT. 

> THREE 30-minute Q&A sessions with Andrea Leda - join the live Q&A call with me every month and receive additional support you need.

> The Awaken Your Practice Workbook sent to your home + a digital copy - over 250 pages of articles, exercises, and journaling to support your process.

> Unlimited Email Support - during the course reach to me personally if you need anything.

> A $200 voucher to put toward the Live Weekend held in the spring - join us at the next Live AYP Weekend and enjoy $200 off as a thank you for being part of our online course!

6 Payments of $99


Save 20% and pay in full - $497



1. Read your welcome packet and fill in your New Student Reflection so I can best guide you during our time together.
2. Get your gorgeous workbook in your mailbox and a welcome note from me.
3. Join our first class on January 9, 2019.


I’ve learned that being a sensitive, intuitive, empathic, and heart led person doesn’t mean you can’t do business. If anything, we just do business differently and all of these traits can be a strength to our work. I’ve also learned that business isn’t that scary if given the right tools that work for you. Thanks for your work.
— Angie Louthan,