Live Immersions

What are the dates for the 2019-2020 live immersions?

The fall immersion is September 12-15 and your spring immersion is April 16-19.

Where is the Live Immersion held?

Our Live Immersion is held at, Studio Northwest in Portland, Oregon, the official home for all Andrea Leda trainings. Located in the newly refurbished industrial area of Portland, Studio Northwest is a beautiful, light filled studio and event space. 

Is this an 'overnight' program?

Nope! The Live Immersion is a 4-day event and runs from 9am-6pm every day with a daily break for lunch. If you're coming from out of town, we recommend you stay close to the city.

I really want to be there the whole 4 days but may have to miss part or a whole day, is this ok?

This is an intimate experience with only 12 coaches and kicks off the entire mentorship. Everyone's full participation is important. We suggest if you have to miss part or a whole day that you apply when you can make all four days in full for both immersions.

I took this program already, but want to come back and take it again. Can I?

Yes! You may re-enroll each year.

I loved this experience and want to help. Can I teach at the next Awaken Your Practice?

Thank you for your interest! We have the most incredible students, all doing magical things in the world. At this time we open teaching opportunities to graduates of my Awaken Your Life program only.

Mentorship & Coaching

How does the group coaching work following my live immersion?

We meet as a group for 10 months following the first immersion. We meet twice per month for 2-hours for ongoing breakthroughs and integration.

What do I need to participate in group coaching?

You need a computer and access to the internet. Your group coaching is hosted on Zoom, a free video conference platform.

What if I miss a group coaching session?

Our coaching sessions are live but recorded. A missed session can be re-listened to later.